Aunt Maureen with her children Tommy and Suzanne

The Wise Man

My Aunt Maureen died last month. After the eulogy, we were quiet. Some of us got hives, some got bone tired, some put their sadness in a box, storing it for another time. In her home we returned to our safe routines, telling jokes, crazy-but-true family stories, and cleaning. We are really good at cleaning.
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A Good Hair Day

When Your Hair Won’t Do

Mr. Pierre’s Beauty Salon was one of my favorite toys. The centerpiece was a plastic head of a woman topped with thick gold hair. Your were supposed to style her locks, but I chopped them. My first cut left the red-lipped lady ragged. So did the others, but I didn’t care because you could begin
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Praying for Prosperity

My friend Betsy prays for prosperity every day. This morning she asked me if I was trying to prosper through my blog. “Yes,” shot out of my mouth like a reflex. I didn’t want to seem like a dilettante. The truth is, I don’t think about writing and money together. I focus on quiet and
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seamless grey sky

Faith in the Sun

Last week a seamless gray sky poured rain into gutters with the steady pace of a metronome. Cast in black, my favorite trees looked arthritic, with branches bent and crooked. I look to the sky for direction in the morning. Today, I’d have to have faith. I tried to place it in the sky behind
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Losing Your One-Track Mind

I’ve always been single-minded, putting all my energy behind one goal. It’s a strategy that helped me get into my favorite college and my first job in advertising. “No” was a throw away word if I really wanted something, a signal to start working on wearing someone down. I used to be relentless too, especially
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Photo of My Mom The Petty Thief

My Mom Was A Petty Thief

One of the best things I discovered in my 50’s was acceptance for my mom. Growing up Rita challenged my sensibilities and sanity on a regular basis. She was the most unconventional mom in my circle by light years. Finding acceptance took compassion and time. Rita was a single mom who’d lost a few of
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the view of our backyard from my writing desk

Finding Your Place To Thrive

With writing, and everything else in life, you need to find your place in order to flourish. The nook suited to your temperament, your mission control.  I carefully considered the atmosphere I needed to write well and discovered that silence was the key to my success, pin-drop silence. My ears process sound like an amplifier,
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