Bren McClain, Author One Good Mama Bone

Dinner With My Rock Star

Bren McClain, the author of One Good Mama Bone, came to my book club last night. She’s the new rock star of Southern prose as far as I’m concerned. By the way, she has lots of awards that support my little-old-me opinion. Just like a teenage groupie, I went wild with the news that she
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Lilies of the Valley

Mindful Symbols

I am a big believer in the power of symbolism be it a phrase, an icon, or a flower. Mindful symbols root us and feed our souls. When my daughter Emma was an infant, we put wallpaper in her bedroom. Lilies of the valley on a cream background with pink accents. For the poet William
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Rocking Chair on the Lawn at Sunrise

Breakfast for Your Soul

One of my best investments in comfort is the rocking chair on our porch that sits facing east for the new day. Most mornings I step outside to a black sky and sit with the last bit of night. I’m wrapped in fleece from head to toe in a big furry robe and old shearling slippers.
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