Love and A Hurricane

There’s an example of all that is good buzzing at the end of our block. It’s a home being re-built. My friend Judith lost half her house from the wind. It was the only victim of Hurricane Irma in our neighborhood. Her oak tree, with hundreds of rings, gave in to one of the last
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Little Matt and Emma sitting in the front yard with their symbols of love - our dogs Clouseau and Sammy

What Loves Looks Like

Love looks like so many things. The little symbols are the most endearing, like the weedy bloom my son Matt picked from a neighbor’s lawn and brought to her door when he was four. It also looks like the long floral dress Matt bought me at a neighborhood yard sale when he was eight. That
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An Almost Unimaginable Love

Love, my mother’s was crazy. She was the one who waved wildly from the audience with a crazy, toothy smile. The only thing that could make her happier than seeing me perform in a school play was a credit card with no limit or my admission to Harvard. My mother thought everything I did was
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The friends Moira and Saye

Joy and the Warrior

The invitation said “party.” It was a love happening. The night before Moira’s chemotherapy began, my friend Saye surprised her best friend with a joyful party. She wanted Moira to feel loved and supported as she began a heartless journey with stage 4 breast cancer. Friends chauffeured Moira down Saye’s wooded driveway and greeted her
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