New Hope AME Zion Church Historic Marker

Let’s Make Our Gifts Magnificent

After careful consideration, I decided to cast off resolutions. Or at the least the kind of resolution we usually make which involves change. We’re better off mining our strengths than changing habits. Why not polish one of your finest character traits or kiss your lovely shoulders instead of giving your gut the death stare and
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my husband Mark and I at the beach

Being A Grownup and Letting Go

I’m 57 and getting closer to being a grownup. I’ve been in middle school in my mind, well, since middle school. My father’s recent death and navigating my fifties are helping me mature. In this decade, much like adolescence, things change a lot. Your body and mind morph in ways that are hard to adapt
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seamless grey sky

Faith in the Sun

Last week a seamless gray sky poured rain into gutters with the steady pace of a metronome. Cast in black, my favorite trees looked arthritic, with branches bent and crooked. I look to the sky for direction in the morning. Today, I’d have to have faith. I tried to place it in the sky behind
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the view of our backyard from my writing desk

Finding Your Place To Thrive

With writing, and everything else in life, you need to find your place in order to flourish. The nook suited to your temperament, your mission control.  I carefully considered the atmosphere I needed to write well and discovered that silence was the key to my success, pin-drop silence. My ears process sound like an amplifier,
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