Me and My Daughter Emma at Dinner Last Year in Memphis, TN

#MeToo, Larry Nassar, And Donald Trump

There was a story in The New York Times yesterday by Rachael Denhollander, the woman who filed the first police complaint against Larry Nassar for sexual assault. Rachael is an attorney now. She was thoroughly prepared, legally speaking, for the fight. Along with her report she submitted medical records, medical journals, her journal from the time
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my husband Mark and I at the beach

Being A Grownup and Letting Go

I’m 57 and getting closer to being a grownup. I’ve been in middle school in my mind, well, since middle school. My father’s recent death and navigating my fifties are helping me mature. In this decade, much like adolescence, things change a lot. Your body and mind morph in ways that are hard to adapt
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My dad at age 7

Just To Reach You

The fifties are a decade of loss. Energy and memory ebb. Your body slips into second gear.  Most devastating is the loss of family and friends to age and illness. Sometimes it’s just too much. This is one of those times. Last week I called my dad and could barely hear him. His voice was
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