Sitting at the dining room table for my About Me photo

About Me

My goal in this blog is to be true, sharing stories from the heart that comfort and inspire readers. These stories are reflections on the immense healing power of love, soulful moments, and my family, including our experiences living with mental illness. I hope you’ll find comfort and healing here.

Aunt Kay and Emma - her home is a place where you always find comfort

Aunt Kay and Emma

Aunt Kay, who is my second mom, is the inspiration for this blog. I spent every summer at her home in northern New Jersey. Sitting at her kitchen table, she taught me how to churn butter, bake pies and cookies, sew a skirt, and iron. Most important, Aunt Kay taught me how to harvest joy and possibility from everything we did. Her home is a place where we always find comfort.

My husband Mark with Emma and Matt

My husband Mark with Matt and Emma

I grew up in Manhattan with my mom and spent most of my childhood among amazing nuns at the Convent of the Sacred Heart, a girls’ school in Manhattan. Writing instructors will tell you to “write down your bones”, the essence or truth of your experiences. My mom is my marrow. We were very close, more like sisters. She left me with some outrageous and funny stories to tell. She also lived with challenges that marked everyone in our family.

I live in Atlanta now with my husband Mark, our big dog Lance and an occasional foster puppy. Our sweet foster Maggie has a remarkable story of survival. My children Matt and Emma are all grown up. Heaven is sharing a meal with my family at home. Family dinner is almost a religion around here. I’m also devoted to my garden and making backyard bouquets.