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About Me

Catherine’s Table is a collection of soulful stories about living with intention, the healing power of love, and the heart of a family. I also write about living with mental illness. You can begin to erase the stigma against mental illness by sharing your story. Person to person is how things change.

I have bipolar disorder. The biggest gift of sharing that I am bipolar is people telling me their stories in return. It feels so good to give someone the opportunity to tell a story that’s been a secret. Being able to listen in these circumstances feels like love.

Catherine’s Table is named in honor of my Aunt Kay, who is my second mom. She taught me how to find joy and comfort in everything we did. I spent countless summer nights at her table where I learned what it means to be a family.

Aunt Kay and Emma - her home is a place where you always find comfort

Aunt Kay and Emma

My husband Mark with Emma and Matt

My husband Mark with Matt and Emma

I grew up in New York City with my mom and her large family. I spent most of my childhood at the Convent of the Sacred Heart, a Catholic girls’ school in Manhattan.

My mom is my marrow. We did everything together when I was growing up. A thread ran between us wherever I went. She inoculated me with a profound love that kept me afloat throughout her battle with mental illness. It’s the biggest gift she gave me because I’ve been able to pass it on intact to my children.

I live in Atlanta now with my husband Mark and our big dog Lance. When my children Matt and Emma were growing up, Family dinner was almost a religion in our home. We shared many soulful moments at our table.